Standard LEGO curved Track R40

Curve angle:22.5°
Color:Dark Bluish Gray

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A standard R40 LEGO curve.

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R40 is the radius measured from the center of a circle to the centerline between the rails using the LEGO stud as the unit. A LEGO stud is 8mm.

The space needed to have the full R40 circle can be calculated as follows: (40 + 4) * 2 * 8mm = 704mm = 0.7m.
This measures the diameter (2 * radius) of the outer shape of the track - that's why we added 4 studs in the formula.

In general, the formula for calculating the outer diameter of a circle track is:
(R + 4) * 2 * 8mm

The standard LEGO tracks must be the result of a lot of thinking and testing.

The more you look at it, the cleverer it seems to be. The switches, odd though they might seem at times, come as confirmation of that. Even the flex track - likely, the most hated LEGO part ever - is amazingly smart.

The way you can combine four to create either a straight or a curved piece of track; the way you can combine them to create any radius; the way you can combine them to create any track shape. - that is simply spectacular!

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