Track planning with Bluebrick for LEGO and Trixbrix

Bluebrick is a program by Alban Nanty to build LEGO train layouts virtually in the computer.

Screenshot of the bluebrick program in which you can design LEGO train layouts.

Bananenbuurman has put in much efforts in getting a way to also be able to design TRIXBRIX trainlayouts virtually in the computer.
In close cooperation with Matthias Runte from this resulted in the release of the official Trixbrix Parts Library for Bluebrick.


Track planning with bluebrick adds a new dimension to building LEGO train and Trixbrix layouts!
The app is available for Windows and Linux.

The library is carefuly maintained by Matthias Runte:

More info and download is a website by Bananenbuurman.
Here you can acquire inspiration for layouts you can build with products by LEGO® and Trixbrix.
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