Image of the layout. This is unfortunately very hard to describe. We tried, but have no satisfiable way to do this. Sorry.

Detailed parts usage

Author: Giottist

Width: 573 cm.
Height: 199 cm.

Bricks width: 717
Bricks height : 248

Track distance: 8 studs

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Here my contribution for a track layout collection in the Bluebrick format.

Don't wonder about the two tracks vanishing at the right: This is the start and end of a wide terrain following loop.

My layout offers a rail yard for waiting rolling stock, a ramp to put long cars and locos on rails and three independent loops to run up to three trains simultaneously. The switch fields allow to nest some loops together for longer and more complicated runs.

The layout will equipped with up to 20 signals to prevent train collisions if running more trains than independent loops.

Hope I can realize it in the next summer(2021).

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