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Brand new website

Hey there! A brand new website by Bananenbuurman to help you find the best suitable LEGO train and Trixbrix layout for your available space.

A layout in the shape of a flower made with Trixbrix. This Layout was built by Bananenbuurman for the Controversy Inn video

New narrow gauge elements

Amazingly cool new Narrow Gauge elements has recently been released by Trixbrix. There is even a cute Narrow Gauge crossover!
A Narrow Gauge crossover with R36 radius. 2 parallel tracks can switch here between tracks. They can switch to either the left or to the right track.
Check out the complete Narrow Gauge line at: trixbrix.eu

Create and plan your own layouts using Bluebrick

In the past years, Trixbrix received quite some questions about if there will be some kind of track planning or designer app for all the amazing custom switches and curves.

So now there is the full library of Trixbrix elements for Bluebrick!! Switches crossovers, curves, narrow gauge... everything!

A layout in the shape of a flower made with Trixbrix. This Layout was built by Bananenbuurman for the Controversy Inn video

The bananenbuurman, Alban Nanty(the author of Bluebrick) Matthias Runte (wonderful guy, mathematical genius and a LEGO train enthusiast) and of course the awesome guys from Trixbrix: Jacek and Lukasz has joined forces to bring this revolution to the LEGO train world!

All Trixbrix elements can be used to create a virtual layout.

If you’re new to LEGO trains or track design apps, this is an amazing tool to familiarize yourself with all the amazing Trixbrix elements and the layouts you could build with them!

If you are a more advanced builder of LEGO train layouts, you will now be able to precisely rebuild your existing layout or design even more fantastic layouts in less time!

more info and download

Even more to discover

The Bluebrick Trixbrix library is made by Matthias Runte.

He runs a website dedicated to Lego Trains. Here you find all kinds of information on Lego train automation using parts from Trixbrix, example layouts and more.
Image of the website header of Matthias Runte's Website showing a train and tracks. Screenshot of Mattzobricks website. Diving deeper into the geometry of Trixbrix and LEGO train layouts


Newest Trixbrix products:


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